CSA Program

CSA Sign UP, Outlook, Saskatoon, Martensville, Warman, Dalmeny

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CSA Registration for 2021 is now closed. Thank you to all of you who have Registered! Let’s hope for another great season of fresh veggies!

About the CSA Program

Spring Creek Garden is offering a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) Program. This program is perfect for those people who do not have time to attend a Farmers Market but are still seeking fresh local produce, business people and seniors who wish to have produce delivered right to their place of work or home, or someone who simply appreciates the convenience and variety this program offers.

This program is offered with a typical Saskatchewan growing season in mind. We provide consumers with 12 weeks of fresh produce, starting early July and running weekly until late September. Every week will offer something different as new vegetables come into season. Spring Creek Garden grows over 60 different varieties of produce so you will receive the staples of the garden; potatoes, carrots, peas, beans, but will experience less common types as well, such as, kohlrabi, kale, cauliflower or zucchini.

Full CSA July

An example of a Full Bag during the middle of July might look like this:

  • Baby Yellow Potato 2lbs
  • Carrots 2 Bundles
  • Red Beet Bundle
  • Golden Beet Bundle
  • Cabbage Head
  • Onion Bundle
  • Kale Bundle
  • Shelling Peas 2lbs

Regular CSA July

Whereas a Regular Bag might look more like this:

  • Baby Yellow Potato 2lbs
  • Carrot Bundle
  • Red Beet Bundle
  • Cabbage Head
  • Onion Bundle
  • Kale Bundle
  • Bag of Dill

Single CSA July

Single CSA Bags are much smaller and offer less variety:

  • Carrot Bundle
  • Red Beet Bundle 
  • Cabbage Head

Pick your portion size:

  • Full CSA – feeds approx. 4-6 people/week – $500.00/season
  • Regular CSA – feeds approx. 2-4 people/week – $350.00/season
  • Single CSA – catered to senior citizens, college students, etc. – $195.00/season
***Single CSA offers small selection of varieties in comparison to the Regular and Full Box.

Drop-Off Locations


CSA July Fresh Veggies

  • Avalon – Melrose Avenue S, 11am-6pm
  • The Little Market Box – 16th & Ave. H, 10am-5pm
  • Lawson Heights – Tobin Crescent, 12pm-6pm
  • Silverwood Heights – Neusch Way, 12pm-6pm
  • Warman – Warwick Crescent, 1pm-6pm
  • Martensville – 200 Block of 4th Avenue North, 1pm-6pm
  • Dalmeny – 500 Block of Cedar Avenue, 1pm-6pm
  • Hampton Village – West Hampton Blvd., 1:30pm-6pm
  • Massey Place – 3000 Block Massey Drive, 1:30pm-6pm
  • Caswell Hill – Rusholme Road, 2pm-6pm
  • Nutana – 700 Block University Drive, 3:30pm-6pm
  • Evergreen – Glacial Cove from 4:30pm-7pm
  • Forest Grove – 300 Block 111th Street, 4:30-7pm
  • Silverspring – Fairbrother Bay, 5pm-7pm
  • College Park – Mount Allison Crescent, 5-7pm
  • Wildwood – Highlands Place, 5-7pm
  • Willowgrove – Lamarsh Lane, 5pm-7pm
  • South Nutana Park/Holliston – Dunning Crescent, 5pm-7pm
  • Rosewood – Ledingham Drive, 5pm-7pm
  • Stonebridge West- 400 Block Galloway Road, 5pm-7pm
  • Stonebridge East – Kolynchuk Bend, 5pm-7pm
  • Outlook, SK – Tufts Crescent (5pm-7pm)
****During Checkout, please note your requested Drop-Off location in Saskatoon****
****Host Drop-Off Location time slots are subject to change if necessary. New Locations might still be added!****

Due to the COVID-19 upset, we have now decided to offer Home Delivery for our weekly CSA. This will be an added cost of $7/week ($84 one time fee for season). Drop-Off locations continue to be free and keep our costs down! Many thanks!

****Delivery available for Saskatoon, Martensville and Outlook area only****

Register for CSA!!

*Want 25% off your CSA Registration?? Be a CSA Host for Drop-Off! All we need is a shaded spot that is easily accessible and a minimum of 10 people to sign up for that Drop-Off. No other requirements needed! Email for more information.

*We deliver to office buildings too! Just spread the word about our convenient program, collect names and we would be happy to deliver right to your office! Use our Contact Form for more info.

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